“Use Your Story to Attract More Clients”

Storytelling has been used for centuries to pass on information and teach. Stories are embedded in our long-term memory far easier than memorizing facts and statistics. Using storytelling to share information about a brand or service (sometimes referred to as emotional branding) can create an indelible memory and a personal connection between a product and the consumer. It can be instrumental in persuading someone to support a cause or buy a product or service.


Suzanne-WebsiteA business owner called me and said, “I need a speech written.” His goal was to turn a negative impression into a positive opinion about a specific demographic propelling his audience to support his cause. By the end of his four-minute speech that’s exactly what happened. Politicians and financial investors were shaking his hand, asking how they could help.

How did this happen?

Through authentic writing and strategic storytelling. Instead of talking about what his business sold, which was his first thought, we put the emphasis on his end goal: how his business grew due to the hard work of a specific demographic, the people he wanted to help. The story tugged at the hearts of his listeners. By the end of his short, heartfelt speech they were ready to take action and support his cause.

Why hire a professional writer?

Creating content isn’t just about words and facts, or telling someone about your products or services, it’s engaging readers with an authentic story that resonates with your audience. Writing authentically about your business means you will turn prospects into customers. For bloggers and publications, casual readers become committed followers. The bottom line: compelling content increases revenue.

Are you getting the results you want?

As a freelance writer with over 20 years’ experience, I deliver results on time. I can help you create the right message that will turn readers into followers, and prospects into customers. Contact Me to learn how we can do this together.


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