A blog post is generally used to showcase the expertise of a business or individual selling a product or service and give the blog owner credibility with their readers. Blogs need to be timely, concise and current. As a blogger I help business owners write blog content, researching the latest trends and related news to create an interesting post that will entice the reader to sign up and receive the most recent blog updates.

Content Marketing

Content marketing writing follows copywriting principles, but the focus is on storytelling and connecting readers to a company’s brand through this unique technique. Content marketing companies, or agencies, are often hired by businesses to create brand products, like magazines and other content, to connect with their clients and potential customers. The bottom line is the bottom line for content marketing is about using genuine, engaging writing that people connect with the brand. The end result is that they're more likely to purchase a company's products or services whey they feel connected with the brand. As a content creator I create the written copy, using the principles of storytelling to best connect your brand with your existing clients and potential customers. 

Customer Stories

Customer Stories (also referred to as Case Studies), are first-person testimonials about how you helped your customers with a problem. Written in a fairly standard format, they answer the questions: Who What Where When Why, and How. These one-page printed, or web-based stories give credibility to your brand promises. As a professional writer, I help businesses create the most compelling case studies, interviewing your customers to find out how you eliminated a problem they were faced with, or enhanced their business in a way they hadn’t expected.


Newsletters are still a very popular way to connect with clients, customers and members and donors for non-profits. Whether print, e-mail or PDF, a newsletter requires expertise to put together the articles and flow that engages and informs the reader. I’ve written and been editor of hundreds of newsletters for a multitude of organizations including financial industry experts, the Victorian Order of Nurses and The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada


Well-written profiles are always in demand. These include stories about the person behind a business and their arduous journey from startup to success, or a compelling account about someone who’s overcome adversity to become a role model, even a simple but snappy biography for a website. Profiles are by far my favorite writing assignments. I’ve written hundreds of these narratives and would be happy to discuss how I can help you by writing a profile that will connect with your readers.


Speech writers are the ultimate ghostwriters because they must get inside the person’s head who’s speaking the words. It can be tricky, but a good speechwriter knows the right questions to ask. The result is a confident speaker, where that may not have been the case. As a former Toastmaster, earning my Competent Communicator designation, I’ve given and written speeches for myself and for clients. I know what it takes to create and give a professional speech that will engage listeners and have them applauding.

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