Content Creator

Content Creator


A blog post can showcase the expertise of a business selling a product, educate readers about the work of a non-profit, or build credibility for individual service providers. Blogs need to be concise, current, accurate, and SEO friendly without repetition. I use my writing and journalistic skills, doing the research, crafting creative content and editing to keep the reader engaged and coming back for more.

Customer Case Studies

Customer Case Studies are first-person testimonials about how you helped your customers with a problem. These stories can be in print or on the web and give credibility to your brand promises. As a professional writer I help businesses create the most compelling case studies, interviewing your customers to find out how you eliminated a problem they were faced with, or how you enhanced their business in a way they hadn’t expected. These first-hand accounts from satisfied customers are the best way to prove to prospects that you deliver on all your promises.


Newsletters are still a popular way to connect with clients, customers, non-profit donors, and prospects. Whether print, e-mail, or PDF, a newsletter requires expertise to create the editorial line-up, write, and edit the content. I’ve edited and written newsletters for a multitude of organizations including financial and non-profits. I love working with clients to create inspiring newsletters and would be pleased to help you too.


Well-written profiles are always in demand. From compelling stories about a business owner’s struggle from adversity to success, to a snappy biography for a website or LinkedIn, profiles are by far my favorite writing assignments. I’ve written hundreds of these narratives and would be happy to help you with a profile that captures your story and genuine personality to connect with your readers, customers, and prospects.


Speech writers need to ask the right questions to relay what you want to say. The project is a collaboration between you and me, the writer. You tell me your content and goal and I prepare a draft speech. Then we go through it, implementing changes, until you’re comfortable with the message you’re sharing with your audience. This will give you the confidence to stand up and speak your own, authentic ideas. As a former Toastmaster, earning my Competent Communicator designation, I’ve written many speeches for myself and my clients and I know what it takes to create and give a professional speech that will engage listeners and have them applauding.

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