The Best Way to Fair Play

The Best Way to Fair Play

Richard Ivey School of Business
What is the fair way to judge how a CEO should be compensated? Professor Frank Li researches fair compensation models for CEOs.

The Future in 3D

The Future in 3D

Richard Ivey School of Business
Professor Ning Su’s research explores the impact of new 3D printing technology on business and society.

Beyond the Paycheque

Beyond the Paycheque

Richard Ivey School of Business
Is a paycheque enough to motivate employees to do their best? Assistant Professor Kun Huo looks at what motivates employees in the workplace.

Fun Things To Do In London Ontario

London, Ontario Covent Garden Market

Via Rail
London, Ontario may not be the first city on your list of places to visit in Canada, but you should definitely consider making the trip.

How to be Media Savvy

Costco Connection
Connecting with the Media: How to get the word out about your business.

Teen Appeal

Costco Connection
Why retailers should focus on the purchasing power of Millennials, Gen Y and Gen Z.

Online Marketing

Your Convenience Manager Magazine
How the convenience store industry is using the internet to connect with customers.

Turning Your Store Into Cool Central*

Your Convenience Store Manager Magazine
Benefits of Tracking the Hot Teen Market for Convenience Stores
*This article received an IABC Virtuoso Award of Excellence for features and editorial writing.

Thirst Quenchers

Chef Connexion
Restaurants tap into what diners are looking for to quench their thirst.

Salad Days

Your Foodservice Manager Magazine
Salads – Good for your waistline and your bottom line.

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