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Sustainable Snack

Ivey Intouch Alumni Magazine
Larry Lau and Waylon Sharp, both EMBA ’18, are educating the world about oysters as a sustainable food option, one ‘shuck’ at a time.

On the Bright Side

Ivey Intouch Alumni Magazine
Many Western Ivey School of Business alumni are focusing on the positives in an otherwise negative situation — the silver linings. Profile of four Ivey alumni and how they’re making the best of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Class of 2020

Class of 2020

Ivey Intouch Alumni Magazine
Meet some of this year’s impressive Ivey School of Business graduates who have overcome challenges, grown from the diverse perspectives of fellow classmates, and leave Ivey feeling equipped to face this new world as alumni.

A New Start

Ivey Intouch Alumni Magazine (page 50)
After his life was turned upside down, Trevor Koverko, HBA ’12, left a hockey career behind and turned his attention to building a business with blockchain technology.

Future Family

London Inc. Magazine pages 28-29
Connecting egg donors with intended parents, a fertility coordination agency hits the ground running.

Triana Media

Business London Magazine
On Location: Specializing in documentaries, Triana Media finds inspiration from near and far.

On a Tear

On a Tear, Balzac’s experiences caffeinated growth

Your Foodservice Magazine
Balzac’s Coffee Roasters experiences caffeinated growth.

From The Ground Floor Up

Art Gallery: From The Ground Floor Up: Michael Gibson’s improbable ascent to higher ground

Cover story – Business London Magazine
London art gallery owner, Michael Gibson, and his improbable ascent to higher ground.

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