Writing Coach

Writing Coach

When I first started freelancing I had no idea what I was doing. Then I found a mentor who helped me land my first cover story for a local business magazine. Over time I honed my writing, research, and interviewing skills. I was also lucky to get assignments from editors who made my words sing. I’ve learned so much about enhancing my writing and the business of freelance writing from others. It was a natural progression to start working with clients one-on-one helping them write better and achieve the goals they set for themselves. 

I’ve been teaching Writing for Publication and Copywriting courses at Western University Continuing Studies for over a decade. I’ve worked with hundreds of writers, helping them strengthen their non-fiction writing. Some use what they learned for work, others are regular bloggers, some have pursued freelance writing, and a few enrolled in full-time post-secondary writing programs. 

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“You really do prepare your students for the reality of the freelance world and you are so encouraging! The amount of information we gathered from your course is amazing, not to mention the online resources you pointed out for our future use. I looked forward to every class, and the atmosphere was always so positive in the classroom. Your teaching style makes students feel very comfortable asking questions and you are a fountain of knowledge! You have a gift, not only in writing, but in teaching too.”

Tanya Gregory

Former Student

“Before taking Suzanne’s class – Writing for Publication – writing non-fiction for a living didn’t seem feasible. With care and dedication and through thoughtful exercises she showed me (and the rest of the class) where I could take my words. My knowledge and confidence built up class after class. From my first freelance writing assignment to landing a full-time writing job in my niche, none of it would have been possible without Suzanne’s teachings, guidance, and support.”

Cherie Thompson

Former Student

“I first met Suzanne as a student in one of her courses. I was so impressed with her teaching skills and thorough preparation, I enrolled in a second course. In both courses, she taught us useful information that every aspiring writer wants to know. By focussing on the nuts and bolts of the business of writing, she gave us the tools we needed to become published writers. Since those courses, Suzanne’s continuing support and encouragement have been invaluable as I charted my own course in the writing world. Her suggestions and opinions are always offered graciously and are spot-on. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Judy Davidson

Former Student

I have had the pleasure of being a student in two of Suzanne Boles’ writing classes through Western’s Continuing Education Creative Writing Certificate Program. In fact, after taking her first class and enjoying it, several of the students agreed that we had to sign up for the following program. Suzanne was encouraging, offered constructive criticism, and had a vast knowledge of how to not only better our writing, but where to try to publish it. They were by far the most enjoyable writing classes I have taken. She is professional, approachable, and welcoming. She genuinely likes to see her students succeed with their writing aspirations. If you want to learn more about the craft of writing and how to sell it, Suzanne will help you get there. 

Katherine Krige

Former Student
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